Reputation Management

Trust , loyal customers , strong brand 

Every company regardless of its size needs to build and take care of a good reputation. 

By building the reputation and image, the company slowly creates general awareness about the brand. This level is not easy to achieve and it is even harder to keep it.Don’t

Yes , people talk. It is important to remember that. Your customers’ reviews can earn you  a lot good or harm you badly. Certain records can stay on the Internet for a long period of time. Taking care of the damage and regaining the trust , if for some reason your name or reputation is weakened, is not easy. This work is extremely time consuming and expensive. It is a manual task and its effect is longterm and includes a number of tasks .

  • Blogging – Blogs are frequently updated on daily basis, so monitoring takes a lot of time that not many many companies or celebrities have
  • Catalogue entries – neccessary entries at least in all the main companies catalogues., the strong ones then show up in search engines
  • Reviews – good company and product reviews across the Internet
  • Publicity – PR , articles, linkbuilding, banners , you should be seen on several places
  • Social media – independent and important area, building your own networks, monitor competition and user posts with comments on your company

Proactivity is essential. It is necessary to realize that the strength of your brand is determined by what your customers think about it. If you do not pay attention to your reputation , someone can do it for you . You'd be surprised what damage can makes one bad article in Google or one negative comment read by thousands. Your competition will take advantage of your inactivity . Getting rid of of these consequences can be very expensive and take a long time even though most cases can be prevented by appropriate combination of tools.

The service includes :

  • Standard 9 –18h monitoring, in crisis situations or if required 24/7 service
  • Activities based on the strategy and the individual needs of the client
  • Prepared tools and procedures for fast response
  • SEO and SMO Specialist

Any plan for reputation management must be tailored to the business and contain a combination of several tools:


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Performance marketing

Performance marketing is focused on performance, by which we understand specific measurable activity in the form of the achieved campaign objective by the user of your site.

Branding, Brand Development

We create a positive media image of the brand, the company and its supply, strengthen credibility and emphasize our client's advantages.

Creating websites and e-shops

Webdesign, new website creation, microsites, meeting all modern requirements. Build the website that will make money.

Social Media and Advertising Formats

Marketing strategies today cannot work without social media. Use their potential fully.

Media Buying

Creative processing of media plan in all available formats and media with maximum efficiency.

Reputation Management

The targeted activities designed to monitor, protect and influence the reputation of your brand's communication strategy.

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