PR communication

PR communication cannot be missing in your marketing strategy

We will arrange articles in the media for you directly. PR articles in industry , coverage or other media increase the traceability of your company among the large number of competitors. The service helps you to gain not only new customers but also to build a brand for your company, expand awareness and strengthen your market position among other competitors.

Distribution of press releases to relevant media is the fastest way to inform about news of your company across the Internet. Press Release contains the most current and valuable information such as company news, brand, your products, special pricing and much more. The big advantage is the possibility of re-ordering at the moment when you just need to highlight some information, for example during top season or during certain events, fairs, etc.

The press release cannot be written and distributed by any writer. It is very sophisticated work that we have provided by professional PR managers with many years of experience in the field. Online publication of press releases ensures high visibility of information and accurate reach of target groups. We always try at the same time to create an active link to your website to ensure direct possiblity for users to get to your site.

Press Release Services include:

  • Analysis of your communication needs
  • Competitor analysis, media space, target groups and other key indicators
  • Recommended media, timing, format and topics
  • Creating press releases for relevant media
  • Created articles we agreed on are then appropriately communicated in the media according to the key indicators from PR analysis and the assembled media plan.
  • At the end of the campaign you will receive a presentation of all published articles and their evaluation.

The main benefits of Press Release Services:

  • Opportunity to present your products, company and brand in the relevant Czech and/or Slovak media
  • Possibility to order this service repeatedly, ideally at a time when it is actually needed. It can be fairs, exhibitions, crisis communications, or if it is necessary to gradually increase revenue and promote the company brand
  • Overview of articles about your company in media and your main competitors up to two years back
  • Representation in relevant Czech and/or Slovak media
  • Communication in real time, possibly in days from ordering


Performance marketing

Performance marketing is focused on performance, by which we understand specific measurable activity in the form of the achieved campaign objective by the user of your site.

Branding, Brand Development

We create a positive media image of the brand, the company and its supply, strengthen credibility and emphasize our client's advantages.

Creating websites and e-shops

Webdesign, new website creation, microsites, meeting all modern requirements. Build the website that will make money.

Social Media and Advertising Formats

Marketing strategies today cannot work without social media. Use their potential fully.

Media Buying

Creative processing of media plan in all available formats and media with maximum efficiency.

Reputation Management

The targeted activities designed to monitor, protect and influence the reputation of your brand's communication strategy.

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