Microsites as marketing tool

We create a concept, build the microsite, promote it and work with it as a tool to support the overall goal.

Microsite, or the product page, is a separate website promoting a specific product, service or any other action. At the same time it can be used to support SEO if it has quality content, targeted linkbuilding supporting your main website, or perform any other purpose. Microsites however should not be made ​​specifically for SEO. They should have value added to fulfill its purpose and benefit.

Our microsites can have one-page format or have several pages. They include administration for their own management. They are connected to Google Analytics to measure all the important statistics and it is possible to connect them to any social media. We will prepare a creative concept for you in terms of graphics and content tailored to your customers.

Other options of product pages:

  • Select the graphic templates (or design of new individual one)
  • Hosting and Domain names
  • Copywriting and website administration of product page (including keywords analysis)
  • Customizing the SEO requirements from technical and content point of view
  • Quality linkbuilding
  • Monthly reporting
  • Advertising campaigns 

Performance marketing

Performance marketing is focused on performance, by which we understand specific measurable activity in the form of the achieved campaign objective by the user of your site.

Branding, Brand Development

We create a positive media image of the brand, the company and its supply, strengthen credibility and emphasize our client's advantages.

Creating websites and e-shops

Webdesign, new website creation, microsites, meeting all modern requirements. Build the website that will make money.

Social Media and Advertising Formats

Marketing strategies today cannot work without social media. Use their potential fully.

Media Buying

Creative processing of media plan in all available formats and media with maximum efficiency.

Reputation Management

The targeted activities designed to monitor, protect and influence the reputation of your brand's communication strategy.

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