5 Steps to Start with Reputation Management

Autor: Lenka Kaclová | 01.11.2013 10:00

The targeted activities designed to monitor, protect and influence the reputation of your brand's communication strategy.

Your future partners, customers, investors, suppliers, employees, everyone will want to know how you are viewed by others and the market. How to take care of it?

Prepare communication strategy

Working on brand awareness, company name and products is very important for every company. We will help you to maintain your position.

Nowadays you can find the latest trends, opportunities, and technologies to manage your ORM (online reputation management) yourself. You can connect with experts in this area without having to pay a personal consultation; however, it requires enough time to do the job right. There are well-known 5 steps through which you open the door to protect your reputation on the Internet.


5 steps to get started

The very simplest way to find out where your current situation is to seek a variety of sources via search engines according to the names of companies, product and services, people in your company, brand, but also competition. Experiment with different browsers, search through pictures, social media or hashtags. List all URL addresses along with the information when and what was said about you.

You found recommendations and praise? Communicate them further on. Feel free to share your successes. It will inspire your potential customers, build confidence in them, and open up new business opportunities.

Highlight all the references that could be classified as negative. Can these contributions be deleted, moved to the archive, or at least pushed below the search engines? If this pop ups to your mind first, think again. Open to criticism and feedback your customers. Face it. If this includes the wrongful accusation and you must use these tools, the embedded costs will certainly be lower than the damage these traceable references can inflict.

Now comes the important information, where is the place you are mentioned the most? Check your list of URLs you did at the beginning. These are places on which it is necessary to start working, you can analyze your background, the target audience and give them what they need.  You influence the opinion fastest with these resources. 

The core of your business and what you are really strong in is the area you should promote and content – write, release, promote and subsequently monitor, measure, evaluate, and edit.

What you must not forget

Correct ORM is not only a good response to the mention of your company on the Internet, but also on the timing and the correct assessment of the situation. There are cases where it is appropriate not to respond at all. Especially in the Internet you are not safe from the criticism. Do not fight back, you can actually benefit from it.

Build your reputation in the long term and become a recognized brand. Monitor your situation according to the steps above regularly and always respond quickly, fairly and be transparent. Consider all sources from social networks to search engines as your business card. What users will see there, they will create an image of you, who you are and whether to cooperate with you / buy from you.

If the situation is serious, do not hesitate to contact the professionals. They know what to do and when to time certain steps to turn the situation back in your favor. It is also possible to resort to legal action in case of unlawful damage to the brand.


lenka-kaclova Lenka Kaclová

CEO of Just Media Ltd., marketing strategist, author and mom. Lenka is fascinated by social media, branding and business coaching. She prepares number of projects not only in the Czech Republic. Helping new entrepreneurs to multinational corporations to rise.

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