How to Optimize Google+ Cover Photo for SEO

Autor: Lenka Kaclová | 01.11.2013 11:50

Google provides a number of tools which, if used properly, will reward you by a higher Google Rank.

At least so in layman it can be understood. Look at another tip what you can do for your Google+ profile.

Google+ and Search Engines

Why not to get the most out of Google's social media in the first place? Here is the first step.


Cover Photo of your profile is the first thing anyone sees. That’s why it is so important. When moving across the Google Plus network, Hover card displays with this photo. Different parts of the section About Me or About this site will provide information about who you are and why you should be followed by others. Cover Photo closes the whole picture of you.

How big the picture should be?

Cover Photo should be sized 2120 × 1192px. You can accomplish this with a number of programs for photo editting, making collages or graphics. I personally am using IrfanView.  

For this size it is better to use a collage or special graphic rather than a single image to fill the entire space. The file name when saving should be „Google-plus-cover-template-name-your-website-blog-or-key-word.“ (More about the name below). Anyway box, which will appear after you upload the image, strech to the maximum and save. Prepare yourself however that it will seem to be really huge.

Do not forget to check how the image looks on the Hover card. Simply put your mouse on a small circle with your photo/logo/product next to any post. If you have followed dimensions, everything will be fine. Do not forget to put your website URL to your Hover card. Fill it in the section Something about this page, in personal profile in section Jobs, you add this URL address to Employment and confirm the date – current.

What to do with the Photo next?

Go back to the profile, in the top menu select Pictures and the folder where you saved the original file. Select it and in the upper left corner next to the icon for picture there is a date to insert, click on it and you can edit the image name. Add the name of website directly to the name of the file, URL, keywords and slogan if you want to.

Finally, do not forget to share your new cover photo. Each post is indexed by Google. Highlight the name of your blog, your slogan in italics and add the URL address. Use hastags corresponding to the topic or your brand. This post will close up the entire circle of activities to change the cover photo. It would certainly help if this image has been published on your website at least in the news article or blog.

A few small tips at the end

To make the title bold, put an asterisk before and after the title. For italics, underscore before and after the text. It definitely helps if you use this cover photo while promoting your website or web content. This image is then linked to your website and you get backlink from your image. Posts created like that are more popular and more shared throughout the social media. Cover photo should be varied from time to time and the process described above completed each time. You get this way interesting marketing tool to help your traffic. 

Google dominates the world. Often we come across to mark of this giant. In the Czech Republic we have the rarity in the search engines in, and even other products of this company do not dominate as much as abroad. Google on the other hand, still looks more sofisticated and services more complex. 

Watch our profile and learn more on how to work with Google Plus.


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