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Autor: Lenka Kaclová | 01.11.2013 12:51

Bitly is free tool mostly used for social media.

Long URLs are shortened to address of letters and numbers

When your URL address you're reffering to is too long

Did you know that your URL with link to your article can be easily shortened? This post will show you how using and what this tool offers. 


Shorteners, as we call them, are mostly used in social media, especially with Twitter where we communicate in 140 – character. Abbreviated form of the URL is there a must. There are several URL shorteners including complementary services such as, or In the Czech Republich it is or

Less known is, which is available through Facebook pages.

At you insert the URL address to top right hand corner box and it wil shorten to


You can use the shortened address freely. The link has permanent validity. When someone clicks the link, it is automatically redirected to the original URL address you shortened. You do not need an account for the transfer of addresses, but the registration offers some extra tools.



As part of registration, you can see the statistics, how many times was this shortened version of the link clicked. You can easily link to share via Facebook or Twitter. An interesting extra is the possibility of changing addresses behind the Instead of mindless code of letters and numbers, by pencil icon next to the URL, you can change the name of the address. If this address is not already used, just enter it and it is yours.

All your created addresses can be managed, published or be just privately hidden. If you wish to use this service for business, do not miss the link to business section: can get much clearer statistics about your users, where they are from, where you leave the site, and you get a chance to have your brand in the URL. Statistics will provide information on how many users have already created the shortened URL, how many clicks this link had, how many total clicks on any shortened link from this URL there are, and the percentage of how many clicks were yours. It shows your clicks on different social media. That way you get the idea about users and the information need in specific places. In the future you can directly target not only social media. Statistics offer wide range of possibilities.


Bit ly is a great tool that will take your communication to the next level.

If you would like further information how to lead your online communication, let us know.



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